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Showcasing My Butt Off! - Amy Lynn - Another peek into my life - Fourth of July weekend didn't work out like I planned. Everyone I know was too active to do anything which sucked ass! This weekend is a makeup weekend, so Tracey will be in town, and we'll have to round up Veena, Emmy, and Stepanie (not that you know who I'm talking about), and have some overdue dame time. Excuses will not be toerated girls! We will get dolled up and head downtown where eyelash batting, and boys buying us drinks will commence! Then this sleepy dame has a date with the sandman because I have not been getting any sleep in a lengthy time!

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Thanks for all the nice comments after the very first contri. Everybody kept asking for "bottomless" photos so we sent those in.I guess they were "too hot for voy-zone" so they posted them in the voy-zone. Unluckily we have been attempting to sign up for crimson clouds but they don't accept credit cards from the country we presently live in. So we are not able to read the comments for the 2nd contri. Too bad our very first contri didn't place in top three because we were thinking of asking them to give us voy-zone membership instead of prize money:) Oh well... Anyway, here is the 3rd contri with some morephotos including one fully nude for those who also can't sign up for voy-zone. Love.

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