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Cynthia K - Sin Never Dies - I desired to thank everyone for telling such nice things in regards to my former contribution. I've been doing my best to divert myself from all of these thoughts I'm having. Sometimes it senses like the less sexual your life is, the more you're reminded of what you're missing out on! I indeed hate that. LOL. I thought I'd get along by concentrating on University and my studies for a bit, and I was doing alright. So who do I blame? Brandon, the boy I was observing who is in all of those lovemaking flicks with me on my site. Even before he called me a few weeks back, I just couldn?t wiggle the influence he had on me sexually. It's like he obliterated any boundaries I thought I had, awakening this insatiably pervy part of my brain. I'm embarrassed to admit that such a part even exists, but I'm almost ashamed at how much I loved providing in to it! That being said, I was excited when he called because we hadn?t spoken in ages. He was fairly forward on the phone, and it revved me on to the point where I was reddening at how worked up I was getting. But I sensed exceptionally embarrassed when he brought up those flicks and mentioned that his fave was the one where I let him have anal bang-out with me. If that weren't enough, he added that he was watching it off of my site as we spoke. I don't know what I had greater issue with: that he was talking to me while watching himself just use my bottom, or that this subtle abasement was turning me on. Unnecessary to say, I was caught off guard by how much I liked it, and now I perceive like SUCH a dork for not reacting with more encouragement. I still haven't heard back from him, and I'm not sure what to do. My flatmate suggests that I email him a link to this contribution, along with the very first half of photos I sent in earlier. As she puts it, my day-to-day behavior doesn?t suggest that I?m ?looking to get my fuck on,? so it might not hurt to tip him off. If only there were a way to do it sans incriminating myself! LOL. :)

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