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Well this is my very first time sending anything to Crimson Clouds and actully it is the very first time I have posted myself anywhere!!! The reason I am sending these pictures is to see what the women of Crimson Clouds think?? I want an fair opinion so that is why I came to the best!!! If there is anything that you would like to see let me know and I will make sure you get it!! If there are any women or couples in the Winnipeg, Canada area that would be intersted in getting together or just need the use of a digital camera, or anyone anywhere that wants to trade??? Leave your email address in the coments section and I will get back to you real soon!!

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Hi everyone!! A few months ago I posted a series of autumn shots in the park, and hinted about going back in the winter. I desired to attempt to do all Four seasons at this same park, but I kept putting off the winter pics because it has just been so cold lately. I was afraid the snow would dissolve and I'd miss my chance, so I ultimately broke down & just headed over to the park. I spent almost Two hours at the park, walking around with my tripod & camera in my bag, wearing nothing but the boots, socks, and lengthy cover you see in the pics. By the time I headed home, my gams were itching & my frigs were truly stinging from the cold. Fortunately there aren't a lot of people around in the winter at the park, but I did have to dodge a few die-hard dog-walkers (You guys are NUTS for being out in that cold! But if you eyed me out there & figured out what I was doing, leave a message & say hi! LOL) Some of the shots revved out a bit dark (I truly need a nicer camera!) but with outdoor self-pics, it's hard to get everything exactly the way you want. See you at the park in a few months when spring arrives! ;) Hugs,

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