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These are various pics I found recently that I had taken of a women that I met in a bar a little over a year ago. Several of my friends and I were draping out one night and she had been drinking pretty excessively. She indicated that her fairly fresh engineer/pilot hubby was out of town and she wished to have some joy. Well, we did but she didn't have alot of stamina. We all thought that she was fairly unique (as you can tell yourself). I believe she mentioned that she was a real estate agent or something in one of the Mid-atlantic states (but who was listening). While we all had joy, I don't think I would want to see her again due to how unusual she was. Sorry for the picture quality.....I had a bad digital at that time.

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This is a collection of pics from my latest bday night. Stacey wore the shortest sundress she has and we went out to draw some looks from guys she dreamed to flash and play pool at a fresh nightclub. Of course I brought the Cannon to reminisce the night. The Pictures are of Stacey switching in a gas station parking lot and then posing in a friends office building. Once she was fully nude in the last picture, I did her in front of a large window facing the street.....................she loved the thrill. The comments were supreme for her April 9th posting, she loved most of them. Some people (with good and nasty comments) witnessed some of the "private" collection of Stacey in their e-mail. Thanks for making a sexy teacher perceive good. Love her!

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