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The idea for this contribution was sent to us by a man who has commented on several of Louise's prior submissions. The overall theme has Louise waiting for her paramour to arrive to meet her. The "script" he gave us for each shot is repeated next to the relevant picture below. In the end for some of the pics we shot several different angles or ideas. So what we've done since is shown the series to a duo of other nudistebbers who have also commented on Louise's past posts, and we asked them to advise on the most suitable shot until we ended up with our final choice. They all seemed to have loved helping out, so it's been a real naturist collaboration. Thanks guys. And we indeed luved putting this together, so if anyone else has any ideas we could use please leave a message on the comments board and we'll get back to you.

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Hi everyone! In a way, this contri commenced in 2002 with a request I got in the naturist chatroom from "NooYawka". He eyed some of my beachball pics, and asked me to do a balloon series as well. He sent me some links to a "Looner" site for inspiration (the term used for those erotically attracted to balloons). My title is a play on that term... I am NOT a looner, but I have been accused of being a bit loony at times. ;-) I had an interesting time tripping over balloons in 4-inch high-heeled shoes, and I hope you love witnessing some of my dearest shots from this series! Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my "Barely There" contri in December... I read and love all of them. I managed to reaction many of you before I left for a Christmas vacation, but hopefully I can do even finer this time. Hugs,

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