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Harlow, England. In the UK we have a bank with the slogan “You get a little Xtra with the Halifax” Well when the wifey at 53 years of age was eventually found out, she was providing “Seven” lucky customers that “little Xtra” at the time. All enrolled at her local branch, all with that friendly smile, greeted with open arms and open gams. What a way to give customers more interest! Eh? She just had to admit that she likes it and has been doing it for years, since before we were married!! 33years ago (she was even knocking off two of her workmates when we entered the church to tie the knot). Seventeen regular affairs and uncountable one off’s entitles her to be recognised as a true “interest rate”. As so many have been thru her before here for everyone else to see, what they can hope if they visit her branch, is: “Linda of the Halifax!!”

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