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STCL's hubby here with another retrospective set from 2003 celebrating TEN YEARS on RC!!! I once calculated how much pleasure gel I pumped into this woman in the course of a year - it was QUARTS. Back in the day, when junior, I used to stick her in one crevice or another three to five times per day almost EVERY day! I know some will not believe, but if YOU could get a woman like STCL to do all this stuff... wouldn't YOU do it as often as your nut would allow??? I hope my wifey makes you spunk, too (of course, in most of these early pics, she's my Gf, still... I think I picked a winner). She's a good wifey and mom and a breadwinner, too. She never fucks anybody else, unless I make her. The Brilliant bi-atch wife!

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It is sometimes hard for me to retain a realistic outlook when I have a tendency to default to utter optimism and hope. It sometimes displays my extreme naivete, but what can I say? After all, you can take a lady out of the suburbs, but you can't get that overly-protective, sheltered and safe upbringing off of the girl! At the urging of emails and comments posted here, I have determined to take some manage in my dude situation and back off for awhile. The worst case storyline is that if I miss him that bad, I can just see some of those movies we took on my site. LOL. He is just lucky I perceived so handy to do some of that stuff with him and gave him access to me in so many ways. I had set aside these photos to surprise him with on his bday, but my flatmate suggested I send them in. As she put it, he doesn't deserve them! And here I was ready to use them as a means to entice him into some of my fantasies about romp in a microskirt. My flatmate likes to taunt me that she knows what I'm doing when I comeback home wearing a miniskirt or sundress, then instantly lock myself in my room for a spell. What can I say? The problem with perceiving like such a dork and being so lightly embarassed is that when my only response is reddening, it means that I can't deny it!

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