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The other day, I ultimately admitted to myself what a finish dork I am, because there is no way I can go out in that hula apparel when I go to the Halloween dance I'm planning to attend. This admission was painful to make, but I lack the bust required to pack out that swimsuit top decently, and in that grass miniskirt I perceive almost too close to naked even with my underpants on underneath. I don't fairly know what I will end up wearing to the dance just yet, but it will be a fair deal more conservative, I assure you. I was perked up a bit when my flatmate showcased me this top, however, which her ex got as a bounty for her last Halloween. I gravely wish I had her confidence to wear something like this out in public. I did think it had a certain lovely lovemaking kitty mistress kind of look to it tho, worthy of taking some pictures to share. So the summary I came to was: There's just no way I am daring enough to exhibit my lovemaking side when I can actually view the people who are watching, but I will gladly take all sorts of photos for my fairly anonymous viewers here and on my own site. Maybe it's that psych class I am taking this year but I am blessed that I can be so direct with myself! LOL

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Sarah - More Rammed Animals - I am taking the advice of the good people and not get bothered by the bad. I perceive that I am a good person, so therefor, I listen to people like me. =) Ok, I'm a big dork. In all honesty, I am beginning to hate the comments section. Let me clear up some things. NO, I am not knocked up, and I don't consider myself fat. Most of you are right, I have to stop listening to them. I'm just not one of those nymphs who go all day sans eating. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's just not me. I like me. I think I'm adorable. I haven't had any complaints socially, so what you say won't hurt me. It's not that I don't work out, but I play enough soccer in the fall to not have to work out all the time. 2-3 times a week is good enough for me. Besides, I think I'm just standard size. That's not a bad thing.

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