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I've done Two contri's into voy-zone right now, and I didn't get almost the attention that I thought I would. It's not that people were mean or anything, but when people see a dame doing gonzo stuff, they just want to see how far you will go. Nothing is ever I've determined to spice it up for my voy-zone devotees too. What the F*ck, maybe nudistpeople, just aren't as nice as nudist? Who knows...There are some pricks on here too...Like that asshole that calls Adam Big-boy, yeah, we don't like that boy. Anyway, it was still joy, and I will proceed to do more voy-zone contri's for the people that were so nice. Here are some very latest pics that Adam took when I just got out of the bathroom, and clothed for dinner. Enjoy!

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Hi boys....this is HtWifey. Love your comments of course. A few times ex-boyfriends have eyes covered me in this position and had joy with me. For some reason when I'm in this position I just go with the flow. Maybe since I can't see what's going on, all I can do is concentrate on how it perceives. Peculiarly when getting a rubdown. If someone were to brush past my labia lips or slide their frigs over my asshole with hot oil, I've go no defence. I just get instantly moist and let them keep going, whether its frigging me, going down on me, spreading my arse and plunging their tongues into my arse, or sliding their hard chisels in whatever fuck-hole they want. HHub doesn't know this about me, but he'll find out shortly I guess if he sees this which I'm sure he will xxxoo.

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