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MerciiS Spring Outdoor WfiiS Spring is here, the sun is shining (sometimesO.) and it just makes you want to run out and do a WFI ! I asked on the naturist Contributors BB if there would be any calming of the Sassy Rule for the WFI contris and the response was a poem from FAQ: i If you introduce yourself in total viewO.- the number of naturist photos will be fewOO.-- Turn to the left or turn to the rightO- Or have Webcam not align with the sightO.. -- A WFI pose can be taken from the frontO - you needn't showcase the world your cuntO.. -- Lengthy ago, Kate described the pose in waitO.. - One, two, three ways to come in your date O.. -- One from the front, and two from the back O - So, you see, a WFI is not just the crack O.. -- In the springtime, the ladies wait outsideO - Still a pic from the back, talkative must hide O -- In the fresh air, with you down on your kneesO.. - A flower posed just right, witness for the beesO.. -- Reminisce with angles more than pink might showO - A starred form for the 3rd way is a naturist no-no O.. -- I looked to the reference, the naturist Encyclopedia O.. - A clothed WFI was found, not even using flora O.. -- Just reminisce that those not suited for V-Web O - Can be shown utter in voy-zone contri instead.i Thanks for the clarification FAQ! I just wish the reaction had been, Yes Mouthy Rules are relaxed for April and May:0) Blessed Spring! (FAQ, Iim not sure that iEncyclopediai and iFlorai indeed rhymeO. But thanks for the poem:0) -------- A special thank you to everyone that left a comment on our last contri. I was going to send out thank you notes but time got away from me. Hope to be finer about it this time:0)

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Hey to all of you who have been following My Lady Venus and those who haven't. For the Freestyles Section we have put together a few samples of her different personalities just to remind you who she has been and who she will be coming up as shortly. We have lots of joy running all over the place taking picts and she indeed likes turning people on with her different looks. The fuck-a-thon is always SO HOT afterwards. She has loved reading all the nice comments and looks forward to pleasing all of you some more. Don't leave behind to vote and also check her out on her fresh and improved site

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