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STCL's hubby here with another retrospective set from 2003 celebrating TEN YEARS on RC!!! I once calculated how much seed I pumped into this woman in the course of a year - it was QUARTS. Back in the day, when junior, I used to stick her in one crevasse or another three to five times per day almost EVERY day! I know some will not believe, but if YOU could get a woman like STCL to do all this stuff... wouldn't YOU do it as often as your ball sack would allow??? I hope my wifey makes you spunk, too (of course, in most of these early pics, she's my Gf, still... I think I picked a winner). She's a good wifey and mom and a breadwinner, too. She never fucks anybody else, unless I make her. The Flawless bitch wife!

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...these HOT cut-offs from EYE in the Contributors very first ever 3-Bucks-Switcheroo. On the CBB, we thought it would be joy to buy sexy undies for each other, so names were drawn and the spending limit set to $3. What joy results you will find in our contris of our UNDIE Exchange ADVENTURES! What a different practice it was for Stone to recieve underwear from a woman other than myself! And EYE definately has an eye for HOT shorts! The Hot Dawg Scooby cut-offs she bought for Stone were exactly the kind of thing he likes to wear and the kind of thing that I think is sexy on him! So, for these pics, we heated things up a bit with some smokey surroundings and set moods on fire.... Ladies... hope you love my HOT STONE in his HOT DAWGS displaying off his HOT BUNS! Guys... if you would rather not see another guys buns... click on by to the next contri! EYE... thanks a bunch!! These cut-offs are GREAT! and to the CBBers... thankyou all for the joy you bring to daily life! ~~<@ Romance

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