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Driving around Lake Tahoe isn't finish sans finding a place to pull over and take a few naked pics. *EG* With the road construction and all the urban sprawl around the lake, it wasn't as effortless to find a spot as it used to be. We happened to notice a place that looked like other cars had pulled over at. We don't mind exploring and fortunately it revved out to be a good spot. Thanks for checking out our contri. Boris dreamed to say thanks for all the kind words anyone has said about his photos of me. I'd like to add my thanks for all your wonderful comments, they're appreciated so much. Hope you'll stop by and leave me a note.

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Hey all!! We went out on my bday with some friends.(you might have seen them here), and once we got home, we were "in the mood". TC thought I truly looked lovely and wished to snap off some pictures and things embarked heating up. Oh my, DID THEY Warmth UP!!! We sent flick into Homeclips. The movie is where all the activity took place, and I will be putting that up on the site shortly. Utter length, download gay-for-pay to your hard drive. :) I also have the smaller versions, for those on dial up. Either way, I hope you love this pictorial of my "after bday dinner" night. :) :} See the other ones in voy-zone. Love and smooches, Cherokee

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