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I wished to say thanks to all those who left me comments on my last set of pics, here's another set taken in one of my dearest places - the tall grass! When you play in the tall grass alongside a stream, you always have to be careful of those pesky snakes and also the fisherman that come roaming by. No snakes this time - thank god, but there were a duo fisherman that happened to walk on by. It's a good thing I witnessed them very first, or they would have got fairly an eyeful! Guys & Gals, please leave your comments, I read them all - that's what makes it worth posting! If your interested in my preceding naturist contris, you can find them at ... Love

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It's been wonderful to get so much positive feedback from my very first post...everyone has asked for more so here we go... This very first set (on the phone) was taken with a camera-in-a-box by one of my victim's g/fs...while she is away from me (we live in seperate states but travel to see each other 1-2x/month), she is required to have one roll of film taken of her in nude or semi-nude poses, and then develop it herself (which is a turn on for me as well...the thought of her having to come back to those one- hour developpers after they have seen her slutting around!). Anyway, this night she was a little plowed and was here on the phone speaking to me outside a bar when someone came up to her and was flirting...I told her to flash him while her friend took pics, and then permit him to grab her tits...that is what you see here... the next few are just random shots taken in san francisco: payless boots, sunday brunch, and out in the street...hope you enjoy! Please post your comments, the little lady reacts fairly well to these!! Dr. Benway Please post as: Flashing Sub Two

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