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Howdy Kate and group, Well, I was glad at all the good responses for my gf in her see thru raincoat....she luved reading them as well. A duo asked for a nicer view of her arse and gams minus the decorate. Mia agreed to pose for more pictures. The last picture ofcourse is for Kate....Mia says she will wait like that as lengthy as needed...haha! With more favorable responses, she will attempt more posing.... We both visit daily....Mia checks it out while I am still at work, she has it on when I come back every afternoon. spank( and you know what to do with the e-mail addy)

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It's time to reminisce Jamie. Here are some more pics of this ex-mall employee. I was suspending out with Sunny last week, letting her in on some comments left by voy-zone viewers, and determined to flash her all that I had. It's been hard to deal with losing Sunny since she has become a indeed close friend. We were laughing about old stories of how she was such an ice cold bitch when I very first met her. We were going thru files, and came across some old pictures of Jamie. I left behind I had these pictures. It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since Jamie was laid off. Well albeit Sunny has put the past behind her, only Dana would know where Jamie is now. Don't worry, I will find out how to get in contact with her because I'm sure we all miss this ex mall-hottie.

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