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Howdy to the Awesome naturist Crew! This past weekend I astonished J with a journey to a friends cabin in the forest. It was rustic, romantic, and inspired a few joy pictures as well as some incredible sex! It's amazing how free you sense when you liberate most modern conveniences, like cell phones and television...not to mention the computer...LOL. We had a excellent time and I hope you love this little photo montage of our weekend escapade. Jizm check out my site, or drop me a line. As always all comments with valid email addresses get a individual response. Hugs and lots of raw smooches,

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Wow! thanks for all the excellent comments everybody. Just one complaint too the homo bashers, If you are looking at masculine contris and calling them faggot that means you are homosexual (there is nothing more cowardish than people bashing others that dont leave email adresses), so get out of the closet and admit it, your parents will appreciate it. Stop being selfish, these contris are for females, bimales and homo masculines. Go view contris on the left side and let other people love what they want to see so anyways, these are some pics over the last year. Ther is no wedding ring for a good reason. I work with electrical play and its not the best idea to wear metal on your assets. Princess Leia (my wife) wants me alive. So the only time I wear is when we go out, if i wore the ring all the time I would liberate it or missplace the ring.

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