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Hi ya'll!! This it it. The end of a indeed lengthy set, of a indeed lengthy day!! Let's recap. We very first were outside in the garden, then came inwards for Explosions of joy. Hopped up on a bar, did myself with a duo different things...and I do mean different!! Then got cuffed to a bar foot railing, got a few vibrarors put to me, then eaten out. When they let me up from there, I gave one of the photographers a BJ. Took a bathroom and am now towelling off. Now...that's a punch arse day!! And ya'll can see most of it from my site!! And guess what, I've just had another day like that one...only worse!! And we got it on flick too! Get ready for more fun!!!

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OK, here's the story. I've known this woman forever but didn't see her for about Ten years. When we eventually met up she had shacked up with some stud and had Three kids (by Trio different guys). I knew what a little whore she was because of our prior relationship so I took advantage of the situation. I had her naked the very first day we got together and we were taking picture by the 2nd. She's still with her beau but we from time to time still get together. Maybe I can get more for you with nicer quality. These PICS were taken recently but unluckily the tech quality isn't the greatest. Thank-you

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