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Shelby is a 43 year old single mom of Four dolls who has been playing with the idea of contributing to naturist for some time now. She has always contended that she didnt have the bod for this, but I ultimately coaxed her to let me shoot some pics for her to help make up her mind once and for all. I think these shots prove that she has what it takes and more.. These shots were taken at a dearest location of mine, an old abandoned farm building, on a warm and sunny day. Shelby was nothing but a sheer pleasure to work with, and Im looking forward to shooting more shots for her in the near future. Shelby will be anxiously looking forward to reading all your comments, and with a positive response she might definately become a regular contributor. Thanks Buck

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Howdy Kate, Squad, and Viewers! Back again with some more bday pics! Hehe. Hope you all arent getting tired of me?!?! I know there will be a few of you to reaction that NOT so prettily BUT there is somebody for everybody, just stir on to the next contri if you dont want to see me. I ALWAYS use the same name just so you dont have to "accidently" click on my pics! lol Besides that, this night was indeed a good time. I love being nasty on film! I would like to say a special Howdy to "Garry" as well as "Komatos"! Hope you two are having a wonderful week! Oh and "Komatos" Blessed Bday Honey!!! I know I promised you those pics. Soon!!! They will be posted very briefly sweetheart! Valentines baby, eh? Special kinda day! :) Thanks to EVERYONE who left me a little b-day note on my series from Feb. 5th! If you havent seen that post. Check them out! lol Most all of you are awesome and left some good feedback! Some of you guys are truly a journey, ya know? I can only be smooth-shaven or not clean-shaven at one time! I choose shaved...but I dont mind attempting to appease you all that love eyeing women with a "bush". So, I take pics both ways all thru the year. When I post shaved...all I hear is grow that out you look like a child. Why do you like that? Well....Never did I imagine that it would come across that way (thats how "your" mind works). LOL I trim because its much more pleasurable in sofa with my man!! "I" like it!! Finer for me as well for him! for a "bush" it doesnt bother me at all! When I post with some hair...all I hear is trim that thing...its not the 70's....LOL....Well, no shit, huh?!?! LOL It is natural though...and for as lengthy as I can think...we ALL grow hair! Get over it! I guess your mom didnt train you all any different. If you dont have anything nice to say. Dont speak! I know I instruct my Six and Four year old that!! LOL Anyhow...with all of that off my chest...I hope ya'll love this 2nd set in this series. The nudistpics will be up briefly as well! Cant wait to hear from you guys! Bye for now...If I dont see you before Valentines Day. Have a excellent one!! I am sending in a set for the "Love" day...but they wont be up by the 14th of the month! Keep an eye out for them! Take care...xoxoxo Michele P.S. Good luck again on your guesses for my age! If you dont know what Im talking about. Look at last weeks post to this series for the story on the game! "Angelic Michele Bday Damsel 1" *Wink

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