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Here is some brief clips of me playing with ny big nips. I truly get revved on when I play, pull,suck and munch them. These were made over the last ten years and several hairstyles. The next to last clip I made today for you. As most of you know I am in my 60's and still love to post on voy-zone. You have all been very kind to me and I thank you very much. Most of these clips were taken during good romp but we had to tame them down for this post. I will showcase the entire clip on Homeclips if you would like to see them. I get very excited knowing that some guys still love a mature woman. For those of you that don't please don't leave hatefull remarks about age. It is something we can't avoid but we can neglect it and have joy at any age.

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Hey everyone. I haven't been around these parts in ages - sorry! Lots has happened in the last year or two inbetween moving, graduating, and too much more. I work a lot more behind the scenes now in the industry, but had the chance a while back to have a good friend (who knows way more about photography than I ever will) take some pics of me again for joy. I thought I'd post them for everyone. These were taken in Vegas in a very nice bathroom at one of the hotels. I truly luved the extra lighting and camera abilities this man had, which I thought made the pictures turn out nicer than anything I could do myself. There's about 200 more of these pics, but I can't post them all. Hope you love these tho' :)

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