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howdy and how is everybody? been checking out your site for about a year now and have ben attempting ot figure out away to tell my wifey how much i like it and that i want her to post her pictures there!! but since my nut sack must be the size of peas i am just gonna post them anyway and then maybe tell her oh well please title these "hott wife' sent them about a month ago but they were never posted....oh well so please post them in the private shots section. these were taken by a friend. they are art photos but guess my wifey never expected me to find this site huh? oh well here they are. as everybody says pdsmea just had to do it. sory about cutting the goes off but hope you understand. there is also a picture of her fet in her as she has the greatest feet ever very sexy and very tasty thanks

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Lyloo'S Night In Amsterdam - Hi to our dear voy-zonebers! Few days ago we have made a little tour to Amsterdam for my bday. We have taken a motel in the "red lights district" where we have had indeed hot moments... lot of pics and some videos! ;) some of the rooms have special designs so u can choose different kind of "art style"... I hope that u will like this contri! And go ahead: give me lots of comments and votes!!! :) Un petit bonjour aux couples Francais! j'esperons que notre petite escapade a Amsterdam va vous plaire. laissez nous plein de commentaires et bien sure plein de votes favorables! Marie et Loulou: un grooooos bisou vous deux....... et a quand une super contribution ensemble? ;) bye bye.

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