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My pleasure button was tingling the night HHub took this pic. Earlier that day I had seen my friend's hubby in the bathroom draining himself as I walked past the bathroom, on my way down to the back patio. My friend who was down there waiting for me with tea ready. Her hubby didn't notice me, so I couldn't help but peek just a little bit more. He glided his mitt up and down over his fat mushroom head that was bulbous out then disappearing into his knuckle. I began to get super raw, and it occurred to me I only had a brief sundress on sans anything underneath. I was sure if I walked downstairs to my friend she would seen me running in rivulets inbetween my hips. I ducked into their rest room and commenced finger-tickling myself like crazy so I could finish off as quickly as possible and get down to her. I looked at my clitoris that was poking out as it does when I'm indeed revved on. I groped it as prompt as I could with my other arm plunging deep in and out of my raw hips. I busted hard when I orgasmed, but I ended up blasting all over the wc seat and all over the floor. I had no manage of it and it was everywhere. As I arched over to clean up my friend's hubby actually opened the door !!!!!!! and eyed me on my palms and knees with my sundress up around my midbody. Who doesn't knock? I had nowhere to go and was fully exposed to him and very embarrassed. At least he backed out very quickly and said he was very sorry. I expected him to say something to my friend but he never did. HHub it wasn't my fault. If it was you and it was my friend in the bathroom I know you would certainly peek. And he didn't knock. Anyway, given your track record, you'd most likely have wished to see him screw me !!! ;-) HtWifey

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I didn't go to work today. Instead, I made my 2nd tour to the dentist (first one was a few weeks ago) and eventually had all my dental work finished. Lots of fillings due to the soda I drink on a constant basis. Hmmm, think I can sue Coca Cola for my dental bill? LOL - hey, some moron got a duo million for putting coffee inbetween her gams - it may be worth a shot! (Kidding, of course.) I hate going to the dentist and I hate paying him even more. Hopefully the ache will have subsided by tomorrow so I can stop taking the meds and get back to work. Anyhow, I hope you love the pics, what else is there to do on my day off? =)

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