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Howdy fellow voy-zonebers, here are my two beloved models taunting you again. I hope that you aren't getting tired of watching these beauties, by the number of BB posts from their last contribution I would say that most of you like what you see. How could you not? We plan on shooting another series next month and hopefully I can get them to demonstrate "More", but that's up to the damsels I'm just here to capture their beauty. The damsels indeed appreciate all of the kind comments on the BB, we had a fine time reading all 262 messages that were posted. Keep up the good work and recall to vote. Lengthy Live the voy-zone.

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Hi all. Eventually have some more pics. Not effortless to get the time with Two kids running around. The very first Four were taken by my 'special friend' when I visited him at a resort rental mansion. I've been luving fantasy getaways with him about once a week for most of this year. It is truly supreme. The rest were taken when hubby and I visited Biltmore Estate and then went for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The area on the Parkway had gotten Legitimate inches of snow the weekend before, but it dissolved quick, thank goodness. Hope you love these. We have since gotten a nicer digital camera, so be looking for more briefly. Love you all. SuzyQ

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