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Greetings to all again! We notice that we have more than one Sunshine here so we determined to title our contri's S.FLA_Sunshine from now on to avoid confusion. Thanks for all the wonderful comments from all you folks out there in naturist land. We are a duo in our 40's living in sunny south Florida. We have been viewers here for a lengthy time and eventually I got Mrs Sunshine to pose for a few pictures to begin off the fresh year. Mrs Sunshine as well as myself would like to apologize for blurring out the face but due to her public relations job we must do it in her best interest. She is a mom of Four beautiful children and an excellent colleague, She is not a picture flawless playboy model in her 20's, So please if you have negative comments or don't like older mature ladies, please pass our contri's. Nice comments from you gals (She also has voiced her interest in ladies) and guys will give her confidence a boost to post more daring pictures in the very near future. Thank you very much and have a excellent and glad 2005.

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Hi all. Eventually have some more pics. Not effortless to get the time with Two kids running around. The very first Four were taken by my 'special friend' when I visited him at a resort rental mansion. I've been luving fantasy getaways with him about once a week for most of this year. It is truly supreme. The rest were taken when hubby and I visited Biltmore Estate and then went for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The area on the Parkway had gotten Legitimate inches of snow the weekend before, but it dissolved quick, thank goodness. Hope you love these. We have since gotten a nicer digital camera, so be looking for more shortly. Love you all. SuzyQ

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