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Story: Hi Kate and Friends, Our very first contribution in Nude in Public was so lucky (thank youeveryone for your VERY GENEROUS COMPLIMENTS), we were dazed with dozens of people encouraging us to send more, so who are we to disappoint? LOL This was our 25th anniversary vacation to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, an all-inclusive resort, with NO ONE UNDER 16 allowed!) We were in paradise.There wasn't much we couldn't do there. This was the very first time I sunbathed without bra, a seemingly acceptable practice there, albeit not too many ladies indulged. A lot went on that week, including skinny dipping in our pool behind our villa, I even went for a few walks on the trails without bra, even entirely naked at some point. We already made plans to comeback in 2001! PDPMEM as usual.

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Tout d abord nous tenions a vous remercier pour tous les messages qui nous ont reelement donne envi a tout les deux de recommencer... certains nous repprochaient le decor qui n etait pas a la hauteur du modele... dites nous ce que vous pensez de celui ci et nous avons aussi, comme vous pouvez le constater, retire cet immonde cache noir sur son visage. par contre on ne le voit tjs pas mais j espere que vous vous en accomoderez, que nous serons soutenu par les memes personnes et que d autres se joindront a vous... Sorry for english people, we don t speak very well english but we understand it. we like your messages we would like that you proceed with us to send some... thanks for all xxxx

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