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Hey there everyone! (PART Two of 3) Continuing with my latest excursion to Miami (South Beach), if you witnessed my former posts, I was in Miami at a trade flash and got invited to a soiree held at this cool South Playa Bar called "ICE." I met the greatest bartender and after a wild night getting naked in public, flashing, etc, I determined to invite the bartender back to my motel in South Sand. I was in the motel lobby and had formerly met a truly cool night clerk at the motel. I told him I would like to get naked and he said OK, go for it! He wished to know if I desired the lights on...LOL. So, OK, here we go- three posts to share these pictures from my joy with the bartender all over the motel. Does any of you recognize this boutique motel in South Beach? If so, leave it on my Message Board. I'd love to hear from you! Anyway, I got so hot at the nightclub and couldn't wait to get back to the motel. Once we got inwards, I took my clothes off right away and after making out, commenced sucking his dick right in the motel lobby. I was so frolic, I moved over to the front door and sat Five feet away and pulled his manstick out and sucked it right there. Fortunately, no one came (except him...LOL). Anyway, I hope you love this 2nd of three parts. Hugs, Suz.

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Haven't posted in awhile but I'm baaaack!! So it's a nice Summer day and I have the day off. That means a glass of wine out on my roof deck (that I share with my entire building). Brilliant day for a Summer Sundress (especially for nudist) so I called my paramour and told him to bring the camera with him. After a glass of wine or two, all bets were off! I didn't care that there were office buildings surrounding me and most likely getting the display of their lifetime! The thought of studs masturbating their penises to me under their desks while they observed me be kinky revved me on sooooo much. Anyone from my building could have come up there at anytime so the rush of being observed and caught made me run in rivulets with excitement! I just love being nude under my Summer Sundress - my nips poke thru lightly and the sheer material makes it very see thru when the right light catches it. Vote for me and I'll post part two which I must say is a heart-stopping contri! xoxoxo Marissa

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