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Howdy naturist, This is my very first naturist contribution. Please comment honestly and tactfully. I think this site is indeed excellent so after years of just looking I determined to showcase a little. Here's my story... My spouse brought the webcam along to our "day at the lake" and was taking pictures of nature and mainly me. I kept getting the urge to give him something I knew he wouldn't stand against taking a picture of. Before I knew it I was just going around stripped to the waist and permanently flashing my bottom. It wasn't a private or nude lake we were at but none of the people around seemed to mind. I just got more and more handy about it and before the sun set I was just stark naked, Maybe 50 feet away from the street. When we got home I was so sun burnt that my spouse gave me a crimson arm print on the only part of me that wasn't already crimson. Maybe I should have just stripped down to just a smile alot earlier. Love,

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How've you all been? Hope it's the beginning of a excellent year to jism. Believe it or not Boris likes to take pictures of other things besides me. Last summer he was into horses so we stopped by a local farm. We would look to see if the horses were out in the pasture and if they were, we'd drape out for a while. Here's a few shots of what I was doing, attempting to divert him, while he had his camera out. hehe! By the way my taunting worked! *EG* Thanks to all of you who've left messages on my contris. Can't tell you how much I love reading them. Hope you'll stop by and say hi and let me know if you liked these photos.

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