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Hey Kate and Group. How is everybody doin...this place still is number 1 ...that staff if doin a SUPERB's been way to lengthy since Jen and I contributed ... let me tell ya how this happened....we were at the beach....although it looks dark out it was about 8 PM...still a lot of people around and the sun just startin to set...we were sittin on the balcony....chillin in the breeze sippin some frotsy beers...we both just came up from the beach...Jen loosened her bathing suit top and I "MIGHT" of helped it to slip off...I thought she would be angry...but she got alittle excited so then she slipped out of the bottoms...ofcourse I always travel with the digital cam...and determined to snap off a few pics...we were on the Ten floor.... and there was a bunch of people below us on the beach...some school guys playin football...towards the end of our shoot they noticed Jen and she stood up for them to take a bow... leaning over the balcony....they cheered for her...I think we need to pursue her exhibitionist fantasys...not sure where these belong NIP or PRIVATE...put them where you think is best.... and by the way it sure perceives good to be back.....

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Uhm.... I'm baaaaack. Why? Because I'm a you-know-what! Also, because I bought TWO pair of fishnets for my last dogpile, so I had one pair leftover (you'll want to see hubby cutting out the pubes on HC)! I appreciate all your advice from the last set, and I've mulled it over. I think I should just stop doing this altogether - it's for the best. You're all groping thick callouses on your penises and your wives are wondering why you keep bugging them for gangbangs... I'm afraid I'm actually decaying the very fabric of human civilization. I mean, my whoredom is freaking BIBLICAL! So... good-bye, everybody. This is the last contri from STCL. For at least a week.

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