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In the time I've known Kira, I've never seen a response from the contributions posted here or on our site that even came close to matching the positive feedback from the shots of her on the cutting block island in my kitchen. When she very first IM'd me a year ago, I reminisce observing in her profile that she was into gymnastics, and when I flirtingly kidded her about it she said it did come in handy for all sorts of sexual things. Now that Kira is in love with my Tivo, I am finding she IMs me more to come over. So when she messaged me about coming over to catch up on Arrested Development sequences, I figured it'd be another relieving night on my couch. Inspired, I kidded her a bit and inquired what she thought she could do on my coffee table. The height wasn't as flawless for some things, but she was able to treat herself fairly well on it.

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