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Hi there voy-zone aficionados, This is the very first post of this hot lady I met a duo of years ago. I have had some wild times with her and her hubby. She can suck and fuck all night and day, which suited us all fine. We still keep in touch, but unfortunaly not in the corporal way. He is thinking of setting up a web site, so he sent me fairly a few pictures of her just to attempt out the ground and I thought there no finer place than the site I love the best. The votes aren't that significant, but if you wish to that's fine. But do leave a comment, the sexier the finer and he'll be sending more... I know there will be negative ones too, and if you have to leave a comment PLEASE go easy!! Love.

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Howdy everyone in nudist-land from the UK. We've been prompted to send you some pics by the Fresh Talent section. This is my wild wifey, Electrical Blue, who still looks pretty good for 48 don't you think? We have many pictures, but these captured the spirit just right, after the photo session we had a good bonk, and I managed to capture our fluids running in rivulets down her stockings too (grin). Look out for some EIP contribs briefly. Look forward to what you think. PDPMEMA Oh..and the last pic is a bonus FLY IGOR, yes I regularly fly on this aircraft whose number is G-IGOR ! Maybe I should win the competition for "Biggest thing called Kate"? What? No such competition? awww

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