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Tiiiina Pink Exhib Outdoor Alors voila une galerie, qui nous pas tant amuse que ca!! On s'en appercoit peut etre pas sur les photos, mais alors il faisait TTTrrrooooooop Frroiiiiiiiiiid!!!!! et un vent glaciale! C'etait sur la cote Vermaille(Port Vendre), et la-bas, ya toujours du vent. Non mais sinon, on a realiser cette galerie avec bcp de plaisir, sinon on ne l'aurait pas faite ;) En tout cas, nous! on vrement bien aprecier le resultat. Voila, en esperant qu'elle vous plaise aussi, a bientot pour les contris a venir. Hi!! A veryyyyyyyy colddddd contri, even if on photos we can imagine, i confirm you, was very collldd!!! Otherwithe, we made this contri with a lot of pleasure. So hope you will love, kissses from France. .. To Be Continued ..

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The comments everyone left after my very first time (Hard to use a timer) made me so horny that I left behind about being jumpy and asked my best friend to take my picture. She was scarred at very first because where I live it would be bad for me to be caught. She said I should get a plaything. We’ve joked about using it but it was unusual to hold it in front of her. I also got the stud that wields the camera to flash us how to make nicer fotos so I didn’t have to sneak it out. I hope these are nicer. It was so much joy and I think I commenced wishing my gf was more of a *friend* by the time the lights in the palace came on and astonished us. That meant it was time to hurry and find my clothes. Some people just don’t like naked people and this duo are that way. Please vote and leave comments. That makes me glad. I’m attempting to talk my friend into posing too and I want to find nicer places so I don’t have to worry about being evicted.

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