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ok, you loved her "nice view" and "Happy Fresh Year" so i'm sending some shots of her having joy on a HOT night at a bar. this sundress was so short! and as you see she didn't have undies on (as usual). she was flashing all over the place! I love the shot of her on the stool leaning over the rail looking down at the street. the bar was packed and everyone had the same view that you see in this photo!! I was getting so revved on watching people walk by and stare at her hot exposed arse and slick smooth-shaven puss. if you look close you can see the crimson marks on her donk from sitting back on the high-heeled slippers of her boots, she would thrust her culo out against her high-heeled shoes and everything would spread open!!(all the guy's were going f**king nuts!) it was fine when that boy came over and began talking to her, she just stayed propped up on the rail as we all liked the display. want more? What would you have done if you were at the bar that night? please post your comments, we love hearing them!!!

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The theme of the month stimulated us very much to go out and do some nip shooting. This was also the very first time Janet wore her fresh headband made of jewels. You can admire it on some of the pics. The very first visit was to a book shop where Janet had a look from outside. More interested, she went inwards and had a closer look into some books. Meantime there was a nice crowd of people observing our shooting. Some more objects of desire were witnesses, clothes and cosmetics. The sales damsel gave us excellent advice of her many products as you can see. Here just a word to those (very few) experts who always write "FAKE, FAKE" if they see real nip pics. They are truly boring. Maybe they cannot believe in what we are doing? And why do they never give their email address? Cowards? To do nip photography is on the one arm supreme joy and very titillating, on the other forearm it's a fairly daring job as you always risk to get a intense fine from the police if you get caught. I'd like to invite these stupid "FAKE" writers to go with me for nip shootings, provided they pay the fine we may possibly get. As always we are blessed to get your comments. By the way, I answered all requests for artistic nudes from our little quiz. But some emails were rejected I do not know why. Maybe the filter was to tight? Anyhow, if Kate and Jerry agree we proceed posting and u can see more pics as requested so much. Regards

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