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Outdoor Draft - Tiffany - I learned a few things this weekend while setting up my fresh site. The main thing I learned is: Taking pictures outdoors is risky. I was freezing, but attempted my hardest not to showcase it. My puffies were getting hard and taking off my undies certainly gave me a nice summer breeze. =) This weekend, we went down to the water, and had to go afterwards in the evening to avoid a crowd. Oh yeah, for those that don't know, I determined to go off on my own, and commence my own site. I told the entire story in my voy-zone section earlier this week. Yes, I was on the Retail Hell site before, but Adam suggested that it might be nicer for exposure to just commence my own. I guess other damsels from RH have done that too, so I'm not a very first. Well, If there's anyone out there that can help me with my modeling career, shoot me an E-mail. There is not much that I'm not willing to do. I'll be back next week with more pics to share!

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