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We warned you that we had a lot of pictures from this hike! For those that asked in the comments, the hike was on Oahu along the Nuuanu Pali stream. It was very nice, hardly spotted anyone, and we loved it:0) For those of you who eyed our nudistcontri from this hike you know that Webcam was nice enough to apply "lotion" to my scanty sunburned buns:0) Truly, the burn looked worse than it felt… and thanks for all the offers to fondle aloe or your own special lotion on them…. Hehehe. Thanks again for the indeed nice comments from the preceding contris. We do attempt to react back to the ones that leave an email address. Glad hiking! Oh… the hiking adventures proceed in Part Three :0) Aloha

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I have to begin by thanking everyone who left a message after my Freestyle posting from August 31st.That was the very first time I had shown my face so it was fairly nerve-wracking waiting for the pics to emerge. Well, now I'm in the wag of things I thought I'd fulfill one of the requests for a set of pictures in stockings but also turn it into a utter striptease,hence the two parts. I love wearing undergarments and taking it off for the camera so I hope my enjoyment shows in these pictures. I hope I've replied to everyone who left an e mail address and thanks once again for the lovely messages-they make all of this worthwhile. Smooches xxxxxxxxxxx

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