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*Gg Boobie Mash - Hi everybody! Didn't think I'd be writing one of these again, but here I am! I hope you recall me I'M Jade, the origional host for The Velvet Curtain, and after a duo monts lay off, I have begged my way back to being the host again. HEHEHE I've just redesigned, and updated The Curtain with another woman, more from Michele and Heather, and a TON of stuff from me! I think there's around Four hours of flick up there now, but I'll count it all up and give you the details with my very first contri, which will be briefly. Love Michele and Heather playing the booooobie mash and looking pretty as always. Also, a BIG-TIME thank you for Jenna who did the contri's while I was away, muwah! Jade

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Hi all you horny voy-zonebers, its Pebbles Pinky and I'm back again! I don't know if anybody remembers me since it's been so lengthy since I last posted, I've just been active with school and all kinds of other shit life has introduced me with. I do however check naturist & nudistregularly to see all the beautiful women posting their gorgeous pics! I've truly missed posting pics flashing off my butt, I love observing myself somewhere on the Global 100 ranks pages in the company of so many other hot chicks, amazing how it can just brighten up your day! I've also indeed missed all of your awesome comments, they always make so fuckin' horny! For those of you with comments such as, "just another crack hor" or "FEED HER….. A Dual CHEESEBURGER", I appreciate that you take time out of your active schedule to write things such as that, but there are hundreds of other beautiful women on this site that you could comment on with something a little more positive (and original), which I'm sure they would greatly appreciate! There's way too much hating and hostility in our world, no need for it on naturist too! Anyways, I hope everyone loves these pics and I'm excited to hear all of your comments! xoxoxo Pebbles

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