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M* Mr. Big Get'S Carrie'D Away naturist Style - Hey Gang! As some of you may have seen we submitted a set to RC's. We are regular contributor's and are very active on the CBB. None the less I nudged Mr. Big to let me take some pics of him and the nudge continued on the CBB. With the nudging of many we submitted our contri to RC's. However, we were made aware not everyone that was nudging has RC's. So we perceived it was only right with all the fine participation on the CBB to submit a naturist style contri to share with all. It was so awesome for me to be on the other side of the camera. This was an absolute blast and we hope you love our pics. Carrie and Mr. Big

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It's embarassing for me to admit, but I haven't had hook-up with many people. In fact, I am far below the average number for a dame my age. Since I've been back at University, I still can't fairly get over the boy I was going with last fall for a bit, who is my only real reference for supreme lovemaking. I know I am a total dork, but while it's all been fairly good, he was just incredible. He gave me this garb as a bounty after the very first time he hurt my feelings. I liked it and forgave him, and he as you can see in the movies on my site, I was very forgiving LOL--I even experimented a bit with anal fuck-a-thon. Now he kind of drifts in and out of my life, and I fear he's witnessing someone else. My flatmate has been totally there for me, and I've had emails back and forward with a few of you about the entire thing. Now I think I am ultimately getting over it, and to prove that to myself I determined to wear this attire and even take some photos in it. It truly does make me sense sexy, but it's too bad that I associate it with him. While I still may be the same bundle of issues when it comes to myself, the pleasant feedback should help me put some more distance in getting over him.

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