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Sarah Outside Play - Hey everyone! Just dreamed to say howdy to all viewers, and send in some more pics to be judged by the neat people in the comments section. lol. =) Reading those gravely make me laugh, but there are some nice people there too. Sometimes, I come across some nice comments. I reacted to one of the comments the other day. He put his E-mail in the comments section, along with a very heartfelt message, so I thought I would contact him. Yeah, I was wrong, before I knew it, he was asking how to get me to come out and visit. He also told me all the dirty things he wants to do to me. Oh well. Am I the only good woman on here? Maybe I am in the wrong place. lol...I'm kidding!

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Slimline G Magic wand Normally I submit pics of playthings I'm testing on myself. After checking out the Slimline G, I determined to share it with a friend since I loved it so much. Hope you don't mind eyeing pics of me introducing "Rose" to the Slimline G. As you can see, she also liked it! This joy massager can be used to taunt the "G Spot", which I evidently did fairly well to Rose: I made her jizm Four times!!! I didn't know a bi-encounter could be such a blast, but we made each other blast off fairly a few times! I give the Slimline G a Nine out of 10!! (Hey, for those of you who've seen me since my very first set of RedCloud pics, how do I look after having lost about 50 lbs?) I welcome your comments; leave your email & I'll write back. Also, I'm still looking for a female friend(s) in the mid-Virginia area to do some photo shoots with me. (Oh, anyone with stupid comments about my eyes can stuff it!) And as usual, PDPMEMA! Photographer: Taz Man

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