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Going thru my old diskettes, I found these (before my wife!!!) and spirited them away. These are of a dear ladyfriend with whom I worked and whom I still see at times for lunch (picnics usually, with Good desserts!!! (G) {Philly has many superb areas outdoors to have sex!}), and sometimes, for the day. Those breasts are WONDERFUL to slide in inbetween and she seems to get off on that as much as I do! The 4th pic is the beginning of the aftermath of taking these pictures (G). Sorry about the quality, but polaroids don't age well, and it was the best that I had back then. Maybe I can talk another, more daring, ladyfriend of mine into some good NIP shots, and even, Some voy-zone entries! Please, blur the face, as she would get in trouble with her hubby and I would get in hot water with her, neither of which I would want!

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How's It??? I had a lengthy day at work and went for a swim in the pool as shortly as I got home. My wifey was rushing to go out to work herself but was kind enough to suck my man sausage very first. We met in the kitchen after she was done getting ready to leave and I was out of my board cut-offs. She loves to suck penis and indeed works the stick. As you can see she drained it and doesn't waste a drop. The lighting isn't excellent, this was spur of the moment and I had a spin web cam in the kitchen drawer. Fortunately we had just enough time and as briefly as I was coming down her mouth she was going to work. Please vote I'll be sure to send a more polished vid next time.

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